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6 MACÀ BICCHIERI - High Tumbler


A set of six glasses, 100% handmade in Murano, Venice.
Original quality glass. Lightness, transparency, innovation, meaning.
Macà is born from the hands of our glass masters. The design and concept are born between the canals of Venice and take the shape of a bottle cut in half.
Macà represents one of the many bottles that pollute our seas. A fund with attention to detail but always different and unique for each creation, a reminder against the waste of plastic and the poor circular economy that distinguishes the modern world. Functionality, art, craftsmanship, present, future.
Macà is handcrafted with high quality borosilicate glass in the laboratories of the expert glass masters of Murano. Macà tells a story. Macà is a contradiction.

H 13,5cm W 7,5cm